Some Candidates want more Federal Investment in Health Care

But Government is BROKE and could be headed for Hyperinflation!




Poverty, can it be overcome?

A Reasoned Approach



Ballot Statement (index Candidate Web site)


Herbert G. Peters, AKA Herb      (Herb’s BIO)

Candidate US Senate

California 2018


telephone                      310-343-1244,




web address          


Mentor, President Jackson - Quality Leadership


Christian; please see my testimony in the BIO on line.

I am a fundamentalist Christian; I regularly attend Protestant Church Services in Lancaster, California.


Pro-Life: We have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (Declaration of Independence). I believe that that right to life extends to the unborn.


Second Amendment, second phrase, “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

·       Any gun control law is an infringement of the constitution.

·       This is a wonderful amendment, it requires great responsibility on the part of the people and it keeps us safe.


·       K–12 Schools Parent/Guardian Choose School, Constitutional Amendment



·       Some inflation (of the money supply) is good if it keeps prices constant in a growing economy.

·       Inflation of the money supply that exceeds the growth of the economy is bad inflation; it occurs when the government inflates the money supply for its own financial gain or to manipulate interest rates. We see this inflation usually as price increases and low interest rates.

·       A Constant Value Dollar (CVD); has a goal to both keep the value of the money constant and to provide supply and demand interest rates which rewards savers.  The CVD is a proposed constitutional amendment.


Repeal the Income Tax, the Vote Splitter.

·       A Sales Tax Verses the Vote Splitter Tax.



·       1893 Our first 104 years WE became the greatest wealth producers in the world;

·       At that time our federal average tax rate was 3.6%; No forms for the average person. to complete. (in published statement, I erred saying the rate was (3.1%).

·       2012 the average tax rate was 22.6%; over 6 times higher than in 1893 tax. In my original submittal I wrongly stated over 20% instead of saying 22.6%.

·       And for 2012 tax filers the tax payer, by law, was required to complete and submit forms.

·       As government grows: cost of living grows, cost of housing grows and homelessness persists. We had our best government in our first 104 years; I call it Our Great Start.



·       close all 800 foreign military bases that cost $156 billion per year;

·       end warrant-less spying;

·       reduce cost of keeping secrets and restore constitutional compliance, and more.

·       End DRONE STRIKES; Constitution Requires NO Drone Strikes without War Declaration by Congress

·       DRONE STRIKES ARE MAKING THE WORLD A MORE DANGEROUS PLACE TO BE. This topic in addition to my published ballot statement.



·       United States Federal Debt  

·       Is the United States of America financially BROKE? Yes per Kotlikoff!

·       Is Hyperinflation possible in near future, this web site indicates about 12 years?


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