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Herb is the author of this web site.


Herb is a Fundamentalist Christian; He regularly attends protestant worship services.

I believe in and worship our Creator God that, I believe, created the heavens and the earth and life. I believe that Jesus Christ is the “Only Begotten Son of God,” was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life; and as a perfect sacrifice was beaten and tortured and crucified and rose from the dead to defeat death. And; that by accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior I am born again. My sins are forgiven.

I believe in Heaven and Hell. I believe in the words Jesus spoke, including John 14:6;

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

I believe that about 2/3rds of our population were Christians prior to the establishment of our new form of government; providing the Godly Culture that enabled the founding fathers to develop and produce the “Declaration of Independence” and the “U.S. Constitution.”

I believe in the US Constitution and that our government should abide by it (as written). Sadly, we the people have allowed our government (with the Supreme Court blessing) to drift significantly from our constitution; and that we are paying for those deviations with excessive government, unnecessary wars, excessive costs of living, lack of jobs and homelessness.

The US Constitution includes the “freedom of religion” clause: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

I believe that the freedom of religion clause of the US Constitution includes the freedom to believe what you choose to believe including Christianity, Judaism, Atheism, Islam or any other beliefs.

I believe that we must not use government force in an attempt to change any person’s religious beliefs; and that government force should not be used to prevent a person from exercising their own religious beliefs.

I also believe that the government violates the constitution if it defines morals then punishes any persons for acting against those ill defined government morals.

I would not support or propose any bill that aimed to limit any of the God given Freedoms and Liberties granted to each of us as individuals by our Creator God or by our US Constitution.


Two Children, seven grand children and two great grand children.
Herb’s mother gave birth to him at home, on the farm, January 5, 1939; near Dinuba, CA. Five of his six siblings were given birth at home on the farm.


Herb’s grandparents immigrated to the USA in about 1875. His parents became farmers; Herb learned first hand the risks and challenges and rewards of operating a business.


High School, Immanuel Academy, Reedley, CA 1956.
BS, Electrical Engineering,
Cal State University, Fresno, CA 1961.


Served my parents as a farmer's son, started working on the farm at 8 years of age.

Served the US Government as a member of the Federal Aviation Administration; Herb retired from an award winning and rewarding career where he was cited for his outstanding work as an aerospace engineer.

Sought the office of US Representative during 8 election cycles starting October, 1999 to June of 2016; one was a special election. Six elections in California as a Libertarian and one in Nevada as a Republican and the last two as a Democrat in the primary for Nevada’s CD1 and US Senator from California.

After studying the 18th Century Democrat presidents (those Democrats were Libertarians) I feel very comfortable as a Democrat. It should be noted that Democrat Andrew Jackson’s administration wisely dumped the national bank, produced 7 balanced budgets in his 8 years as President and paid the federal debt down to zero on January 8, 1835. That Democrat Franklin Pierce vetoed a “Welfare Bill,” wisely admonishing the future by saying that the federal government should not get involved in welfare. (About 75 years later a “welfare bill” was signed and now we have over 109 million of our people on some form of means tested government programs.  And that Grover Cleveland vetoed a “Farm Subsidy” admonishing that the US Constitution had NO PROVISION for giving subsidies.



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