Christian Population is a Super Majority

To get our country back; the following Constitutional Amendments are proposed:


The belief in God; Education of K through 12th Grade Children Amendment:


If any level of government in the united states mandates school attendance and collects money to pay for education for children, that entire cost of education (including all costs such as cost of land, buildings, furniture, utilities, employees and management must be determined per child and that payment by the government must be entirely via vouchers given to parents or guardians for each K through 12th grade child. That parent/guardian may submit the voucher to the school of their choice. If the parent/guardian chooses to home school those vouchers would be limited to schooling books and supplies. The parents or guardians may change their choice of school four times per year.


Abortion Amendment

Abortion for birth control purposes is prohibited.


Marriage Amendment

Marriage is between one man and one woman.


Minimum Wage Amendment

Discussion: Instead of lines to receive charity; with repeal of the minimum wage most people will be able to get jobs.


Minimum Wage Amendment

Minimum wage laws are repealed and prohibited.


Government Pay Amendment

Discussion: Employment by the government is an honor and a privilege as the pay is more steady and secure, in general, than the private sector; and as a government employee, the employee becomes a servant of the people. There are three categories of employees: elected, appointed and hired.


The highest paid elected official is the United States President. The President’s salary shall be $50,000, the same as former president Grover Cleveland who was president in 1890 when we achieved the greatest wealth production in the world.


The Proposed Government Pay Amendment:

The President of the United States shall be the highest paid elected official in the United States, and that pay rate for the President shall be $50,000 per year. The previous pay ($400,000 per year) for the president is terminated with the adoption of this amendment.


All elected US Senators and US Representatives shall be paid $46,000 per year, their previous level of pay is terminated. The House Speaker, the House and Senate majority leaders and minority leaders, and the President Pro Tempore of Senate, pay shall be $47,000 per year.


All appointed justices of the Supreme Court shall be paid $44,000 per year, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall be paid $45,000 per year.  Their previous pay is terminated with the adoption of this amendment.


All federal Judges Inferior to the Supreme Court Justices shall be paid $42,000 per year. Their previous pay is terminated with the adoption of this amendment.


The Directors of all Federal Agencies and Military Agencies are to be paid a maximum of $40,000 per year with all other federal military agency employees to maximum salaries of $38,000 or less.


All Federal government retirement pay must be reduced in spirit of this amendment.


Income Tax Repeal Amendment

Discussion: The founders guiding principles of uniformity and equal protection applied to all taxes.


The Income Tax Repeal Amendment

The Income tax for all levels of government is repealed and prohibited.


The Property Tax Repeal Amendment

All property taxes are repealed and prohibited.



Discussion: Congress has the power to coin money; and no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt. This amendment is intended to be in full compliance with the constitutional intent.    As the economy grows – more money is required to keep the MONEY’s VALUE CONSTANT. Inflation of the money supply is brought about by bankers making loans using a scheduled RESERVE; today the reserve rate is about 10% and that produces about a 2% per year inflation rate. Deflation of the money supply happens anytime a barrower defaults on their loan; thus partially or fully destroying the money created with that loan. To bring about a constant value of the money the RESERVE RATE must be adjusted and monitored to bring about a CONSTANT VALUE DOLLAR.


The Proposed Constant Value Dollar Amendment:

This amendment shall be phased into existence over a 100 year period to give us time to divest of federal incursions that have no constitutional basis such as Social Security and Medical Care.

The Money Loan Reserve rate must be adjusted as needed to bring about a CONSTANT VALUE DOLLAR. The VALUE of the CONSTANT VALUE DOLLAR must be tested and shown from time to time to be probable that the DOLLAR’s VALUE remains within the limit of plus or minus one tenths of one percent of the Constant Value. And it must be improbable that the DOLLAR’s VALUE would exceed the limit of plus or minus one tenths of one percent.


Repeal of Supreme Court Decision everson (later)


Repeal of The Federal Reserve System Amendment

The Federal Reserve Act is repealed and prohibited.


Amendment 6 Trial by Jury Amendment

All government imposed restrictions to the trial by jury are hereby repealed:

All defendants have right to trial by jury, no limitations regarding penalty; example, a $25 dollar traffic ticked is worthy of an Amendment 6 trial by jury.


All defendants to have assistance of Counsel of Choice. The counsel of choice is not required to be a lawyer.


All state requirements that deny the choice of the defendant are hereby repealed.




Herbert G. Peters

Candidate for US Senate,

California 2018


Copyright 2018