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Reducing the Cost of Government


Sample annual cost of our government:

1792:   Government annual cost  $.89 per person,

1900:   Government annual cost  $8.80 per person,

                               a reasonable increase.

2012:   Government annual cost  $7,793.33 per person,

                                             unreasonable increase.


The curse of progressivism and excessive interventionism (too many non defensive wars) brought about the excessive cost of our federal government.


Government Costs that we Can and Must Reduce


Our federal government must limit itself to the constitution, as written. This would probably solve many if not most of our problems.


To reduce the cost of living we must reduce the cost of government:

·  We can and must stop policing the world, (instead of policing the world we could have missionaries reaching out to the world teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.)

·  We can and we must end our propensity to go to war at will, schools used to teach that we only went to war in self defense,

·  We can and we must end our occupation of about 800 bases in foreign countries, and another article pertaining to bases,

·  Terror Attacks are likely blowback from our excessive occupation of bases around the world, both of the above articles hint that foreign bases could be the cause of terror attacks,

·  We can and we must end all foreign aid,

·  We can and we must end all subsidies, domestic and foreign,

·  We can and we must terminate many federal government jobs and reduce pay significantly for the few workers that remain employed by the federal government.


Our federal work force is compensated at a rate that is almost double the private sector. We cannot afford this excessive overhead.


Constitution, as Written


The constitution enumerates the powers that Congress shall have; Social Security is not included. A Supreme Court, however - coerced by FDR approved of Social Security in Helvering v. Davis,  U.S. Supreme Court, 1937, 301 U.S. 619.


A friend at the Boulder City, Nevada, Senior Center stated that he would starve if it wasn’t for Social Security. How soon we forget; our people lived in our country for 315 years without Social Security. In those early days the “free market” was alive and well, people knew how to earn and save.


The virtually fatal blow to the “free market” came in 1913 with the enactment of the “Income Tax” and “The Federal Reserve System.” Our free market was derailed.


To get our country back on track we must phase out Social Security, and other progressive programs, repeal the “Federal Reserve System” and replace the Income Tax with a Federal Sales Tax that applies to all documented sales, no exceptions.  


When interest rates are restored to natural law rates almost any person can save for retirement AND beat Social Security returns.


The constitution does not enumerate power to Congress to finance or manage health care or education or welfare.


Medical Care


We must phase out all federal medical programs. In the 50’s a doctor visit was $5 with no health insurance. In 1960 the cost for childbirth, without health insurance was $150 for doctor and $150 for hospital.




Harvard was established over 150 years before the constitution was adopted; the constitution (as written) gives NO power to the Congress to finance or manage education.


The entire “Department of Education” should be repealed; and the federal government must end all education subsidies.  Its usefulness is questionable.


We must restore the “free market” which led us to the healthiest, most robust economy of all time. The free market brought us from our infancy to the greatest country of all time. But now we are dying. Rome collapsed partially from excess taxes.


We are in our 61st year without a balanced budget; the last three presidents and their deficits: Clinton $1.6 trillion, Bush $4.3 trillion and Obama projected, $9.1 trillion.


In 2007 and 2010 our deficits were so high that if the IRS taxed us at 100% we would still have had a deficit.


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