Herbert G. Peters for US Senate

·       Christian,

·       Pro-Life

·       Pro Second Amendment.

·       Andrew Jackson Democrat



Most Prosperous first 104 years

 Andrew Jackson Democrats;

·       Jackson balanced his budget 7 of his 8 years,

·       Paid Fed debt to zero in 1835 and

·       Repealed the “bad for people” national bank. 1832 to 1836

·       Democrat Franklin Pierce veto’s Welfare Bill 1854

·       Dem. Grover Cleveland bold veto of Texas farm subsidy 1887.

·       Financial statistics, last 27 years of period;

·       average wage 7 cents per hour

·       federal tax 3.6%, paid via tariff (no private sector income tax forms).

·       We became the wealthiest nation in the world, doubling wealth production of Great Britain.


DEATH DESTRUCTION 1860 (interruption in above)


·       Congress irresponsibly created money to fund war; most other countries repealed the shackles of slavery without war.

·       Supreme Court, 1870 Legal Tender Decisions ruled that the War Power granted in the Constitution required money creation.

·       Beware, your money usually loses value every time congress creates money.



·       Income Tax disaster, (repeal)

·       Resurrection of National Bank Disaster, (repeal again)

·       Federal taking of Programs that belong to state or private sector  cost $2.5 trillion per year; (These programs must be restored to state or the private sector,

·       Non-defense Wars.



·       The current $3 billion plus - per day deficit spending give the illusion of wealth.

·       Kotlikoff, at Senate Budget Committee warned that we are broke. (2015)

·       Zero-Hedge hyperinflation warning in 12 years.

·       Hyperinflation happening now in Venezuela.

·       Fix problem with a Constant Value Dollar – proposed constitutional amendment, (gold standard, without gold). (Per Supreme Court, the war act justifies federal money creation; therefore CVD is suspended for declared war).



Real unemployment at 21.5%. Gov, says unemployment at 3.7% .



President Obama, in his 2016 state of the union message said; “The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world.” (Applause from Joint session of Congress.)

The President said these words when:

·       over 600,000 were homeless every night; including 138,000 children and 57,000 Vets, (2014 article)

·       there were 108 million, (now 109 million) that is one of every three of our people on federal welfare, (2012)

·       Unemployment was about 23% (Shadow Statistics)

·       As if this group does not matter, Trump,  no different.


No! Our Policy Must be that ALL have opportunity for PROSPERITY.

·       First Step;  reduce the cost of living and the cost of government,

·       Repeal the Minimum Wage, so all can have jobs,

·       JOBS 2018/ Unemployment per Shadow 21.5%.

·       The Royal Class: Government employees, including all federal incumbents - are the servants of the people that are paid at a rate that is 80% greater than the private sector. WHY?, Servants are typically paid less than employers.

·       This proposed “Government Pay Amendment” should solve the excessive pay to all government employees.

·       We want ALL to be prosperous, not just the government employee.


Education; it is impossible to separate the religion (unknown) and the Known in Education.

·       Parents have authority from God to teach their children.

·       The government schools teach their religion - Humanism.

·       Proposed Amendment to stop double cost for those who choose non government schools for their kids: The belief in God; Education of K through 12th Grade Children Amendment.


DRONE TERRORISM Must Be Ended, with NO war declaration.


SECRECY, Too Many for Too Long and Too Expensive


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