Petition Circulation

Candidate for US Senate from California

Herbert G Peters

Telephone 310-343-1244


Congress has spent and continues to spend more than we can afford; therefore, we must elect a budget balancing congress so that we can survive as a nation. I believe that compliance with the constitution, as written, is the best plan that will restore our people and our nation to health.


I want us to stay strong, but we spend far too much on “too much offense.” I want our churches to send more missionaries and our government to send fewer solders.


No candidate should be elected if they believe that they can tax us more and create more money out of nothing and give more back to us; this ilk and too many wars and too much welfare and too few jobs has brought us to the depressed state of our economy and incomprehensible debt.


Instead of progressivism and paying people for not working; we must restore our culture so that every person can find a job. Having a first job is very important and that first step leads to improving ourselves so that we can improve our job performance.



Having a job is a personal triumph, it gives hope for the future and every person should have an opportunity to have a job. Having a job tends to keep the employed individual out of trouble.


Every person must be able to get a job!


The jobs proposal:

To restore the state of plentiful jobs we must do three things; these steps are proven steps from our history:

  • End federal welfare; allow God’s hunger stimulus to induce the need to work,
  • Repeal the minimum wage (only the employer and the employee can determine a person’s pay),
  • Limit unemployment to two weeks, and
  • We must, at the same time, reduce our cost of living by reducing our cost of government so that with less income a person can live better. Why? Because we have more money left over after paying our bills.


WE must allow our wages to adjust downward so that products we produce can be sold around the world.


If you like these ideas, I hope that you will help me get on the ballot by collecting signatures on “Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee” forms and get the forms to the registrar of voters in your county; (except Los Angeles County).



“Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee” is the front of the two sided form, on the back are 5 more slots for signors and the “AFFIDAVIT OF CIRCULATOR” Each form must include the front and the back page.


If circulating for signatures in Los Angeles County you the circulator can get the completed “petition” forms to me, or they can be taken to the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters at 12400 Imperial Highway, Norwalk, California; second floor room 2013.


LA County Registrar’s telephone (800) 815-2666 select 4.


If you are planning deliver signatures to me, Herbert G Peters, please call by, February 21, 2016  at 310-343-1244.


For other than Los Angeles County, the procedure is slightly different:

There are 58 counties in California; I believe that each county has the same deadline of February 25, 2016 at 5 pm. Please check with them if you are close to the deadline.


I hope that you can deliver them to your County’s Registrar of Voters by February 24, 2016.


Please get a receipt from the Registrar. Please google to find the address of your counties "Registrar of Voters." Example, google for address of "Orange County Registrar of Voters."


This is a opportunity for you to help Herbert G Peters get on the ballot; volunteers from anywhere in the State of California are invited and can help get petition signatures; please email this web page to any person that might be interested in promoting the cause of Liberty.


Attachment           “Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee.” The petition is 2 sided and must be printed (2 sided) for use.

Attachment            Example to fill blanks on petition form by circulator

Attachment            Guide for Volunteers

The Registrar's deadline for submittal of the forms “Petition in Lieu of Filing Fee”   is February 25, 2016 at 5 pm.





Before and after our beginning as a new nation our people created expressions to convey that ours was a Nation brought about by the providence of God: Sayings such as

  • In 1630,  “For we must consider that we shall be as a City upon a Hill,”
  • In 1789,  “A beacon of liberty and democracy to the world,”
  • In 1832,  Destined to lead the way in the moral and political emancipation of the world.” And
  • In 1845, “Manifest Destiny.”


These sayings give me the feeling that the early people of the USA were more than happy with their new land and their new form of government.



Attitudes have changed; we seem to be in a spiral downward as a nation; I believe that this downward spiral started at about the time of the Spanish American war in 1898.

I believe that there is time and that it is not too late to restore our country.


Some of the problems we face that must be fixed or the future will continue to spiral down. Here are a few:

  • Inflation from our beginning in 1791, resulting bank runs and economic trying times,
  • $18.8 trillion (and growing) national debt,
  • Unfunded Liabilities Exceed $127 Trillion, per Forbes Magazine,
  • No budget surplus since 1957 (59 years ago),
  • 106 million persons on welfare, the federal government has proven its incompetence to run this important system of helping those in need, and
  • Excessive taxation and accompanying excessive cost of living.


Good History

US President Andrew Jackson’s administration produced 7 balanced budgets in his 8 year presidency; under his administration the federal debt was paid down to zero in 1835 and He got rid of the national bank. Democrat Grover Cleveland, in 1887, vetoed a farm bill. The veto message; there is no provision in the constitution to give subsidies.


Cleveland, after the farm bill veto said, "Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character. . . . "


Since about 1898 and the idea of “progressiveness” where government does for the people what people should do for themselves; Cleveland’s prediction of weakening the sturdiness of nation character has shown to be true. We are now showing great signs of weakness.


Democrat President Franklin Pierce, in 1853 vetoed a welfare bill; his veto message: the federal government should stay out of welfare.


Big Problem; in 1935 the President signed into law a welfare bill; now we have 106 million persons of our population on welfare! To have almost a third of the nation’s population on welfare is irresponsible; this proves that the federal government is incapable of administering over the important role of helping our people in need. Therefore, we must get the federal government totally out of welfare and allow Churches and Charities to do this very important job. Churches and Charities can, without government money, help people get out of poverty and become productive. I call upon Churches and Charities to help the handicapped.


I hope to get on the ballot and win the election to get to Washington to try to restore our country to the constitution; as written.


I admire Andrew Jackson’s accomplishments; and would work to repeat those accomplishments.



Herbert G Peters