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Introduction: our excessive cost of living


Our excessive cost of our federal government is our very biggest problem; its cost must be reduced!


Rome fell from power, can we?


Our federal government has taken on more than the constitution, as written, allows.

Our Country has the greatest defense system in the world; including our well armed civilian population together with our military power; and it is very important that we maintain both for our continued defensive might.


As we reduce the size and cost of government we will find that we will become stronger as the costs of our defenses come down.


BUT; how long can we continue the support of our defense when:

  • our taxes are too high, to unfair and too complicated,
  • our economy is so poor that almost 23% of our people are unemployed,
  • a third of us are on welfare, too many are asking for others to feed them,
  • Almost every person should have a job; being a home maker is a job,
  • the cost of food and medicine are climbing,
  • the federal debt and deficits are accelerating higher. (In 2007 (see second paragraph of link) and 2010 deficits were so high that if the IRS seized all of our income they would still have a deficit.)
  • Deficits are financed; we pay for the deficits either by interest and principal or by inflation; it is very important that we balance our budget.
  • our government is in its 59th year without a balanced budget (no balanced budgets in the Clinton years)
  • our deficits are growing and growing:
  • deficits grew over $1.6 trillion during the Clinton Administration,
  • deficits grew over $4.3 trillion during the Bush Administration,
  • deficits are projected to grew over $9.1 trillion during the Obama Administration.


With our massive Growth of spending, our annual federal deficits are unsustainable and uncontainable.


We are in a desperate place as a nation and our political representatives and the controlled news media are not exposing the problems. And why is the presidents approval rating around 50% when we the people are under the stresses of the growing cost of living and a third of us are on welfare?


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