Herbert G. Peters

Democrat; Andrew Jackson Democrat

California Candidate for US Senate


Andrew Jackson

The following Jackson actions show his quality leadership:

·       7 of his 8 years his administration produced economic surpluses,

·       Federal Debt Paid to ZERO In 1835

·       The National Bank was repealed. That was a correct action for the people. We should repeal it again, today.


Love or Hate of Andrew Jackson

·       I accept and lament that Jackson was cruel to the Indians.


I whole-heartedly agree with Jackson’s termination of the national bank. 

·       Federal Reserve is bad for the people, a video.

·       Federal Reserve is bad for the people, a second video.

·       The Federal Reserve System, today’s National Bank, restarted by Woodrow Wilson.  This is bad news for the people. but

·       The Supreme Court, 1870 legal tender decision, declared that the act of the congress to print paper money, unbacked by any commodity, was legal.

·       That that power was essential to the war power.




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