The United States UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is about 20% of our workforce per shadow government statistics. The 20% unemployed includes the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS U3 plus discouraged workers plus displaced workers who lost jobs when our government negotiated foreign labor agreements.


I question the need for the BLS and would likely vote to terminate that federal entity.


I believe that every person should be employed; and that our counting of employed and unemployed is short sited because it ignores the person working in the home.


My parents owned and operated a dairy farm; all the children worked after achieving 8 years of age. My first job was to feed newly born calves.


Every parent has a challenge of teaching their children how to work and that work, likely inside or outside the living quarters, should start at about 8 years of age. The parents must compose themselves to both discipline and love their children in a way that each of them learns to work. I believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior is essential and helpful.


If successful, this process of learning to work will likely bring about self worth and lead to independence.


Everyone, including the handicapped should have the opportunity to work.


I believe that the biggest impediment to everyone working is the “Minimum Wage.” I would work to repeal this law that keeps many American young people from their first job. I believe that our laws that rob many of their first job also imparts a gateway to crime.


To make this idea work, we MUST reduce the cost of our government. Please see amendment to reduce cost of government.


Please see previous entry on jobs.



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