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More Jobs, Repeal Federal Welfare


The God given stimulus of hunger and the desire to be a part of something fruitful are adequate stimuli that get many of us up in the morning and motivate us to work. There is a good reason to want everyone working; those not working are overhead costs to those who work.


The current Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report unemployment for March 2016 as 5% of the work force. The BLS report is misleading. (This referenced article was written when unemployment was reported as 5.6%). They call it the big lie.


The United States UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is about 23% of our workforce; this is near “depression” levels of unemployment. Our entrepreneurs have a mammoth job to do to create the appropriate volume of jobs, but that is the American way. We can do it: IF we can remove a few Road Blocks.


Having a job brings hope and self confidence and thoughts for a positive future. Jobs can also help people stay out of trouble.

We need enough jobs so that anyone who applies can find a job; that includes any person that lives here; citizens, non citizens, handicapped persons and felons.


Ships generally enter our ports full and leave relatively empty. Let’s fill those ships with our products - for foreign buyers. The ideal would be an annual balance of trade. Currently our trade deficit in January of 2016 was $45.7 billion.


The ROADBLOCKS preventing full employment:

1.   Federal welfare is the first roadblock to creating more jobs.

Congress, using federal welfare programs in 2012, diverted 17% of our government’s spending revenue to welfare recipients. If we are paying people not to work, why should they seek work?


Instead let’s work together and repeal all federal welfare; people’s hunger will urge them to become part of the work force.


Safety Net


Do we need a Safety Net? Yes! The Churches and Private Charities, with voluntary donations, together with cities, counties and states are trusted to help people be restored to productivity. Those same entities, together with families can be counted on to help those who are unable to work.


Welfare powers are NOT granted to the Congress by our constitution. The Supreme Court Decision; Helvering v. Davis over rode the constitution and gave the government power to provide Welfare and Social Security: time and our present circumstances of having 59 consecutive years of deficits and in 2007 deficits so large that if the IRS seized all of our income they would still have a deficit. This statement also true for 2010 and likely true for all years since 2007.


Our excessive spending must be stopped, to do that we must elect representatives and senators that care enough about the people to stop the spending malfeasance.


2.   The second roadblock to job availability is the minimum wage which reduces employment: we must repeal the minimum wage; the only two people who have authority over wages are the job provider and the job applicant.


To make this work, we must reduce the cost of living; by reducing the cost of government. We kept the cost of government down until about 1898. Let’s examine and find out how they did it then.


3.   The third roadblock is excessive unemployment insurance. We must remove this program from federal purview as this is not a power granted by constitution.


4.   The fourth roadblock is excessive taxation of our businesses. While not covered here, a glimpse at the subject of repealing the income tax and replacing with a sales tax: every documented purchase by every person should be subjected to the proposed federal sales tax. (Every person should feel the results of voting for more or less government.)


5.  The fifth roadblock is that our wages must be such that we can manufacture here and sell to people in other countries. We must be able to compete with the world.


Our manufacturers must be able to produce products without subsidies. Subsidies are not “equal protection under the law.”


We can do it:

  • JOBS:



To reduce the cost of living we must reduce the cost of government:

1.   We can and must stop policing the world, (replace that effort with Churches sending missionaries),

2.   We can and we must end our propensity to go to war at will,

3.   We can and we must end all foreign aid,

4.   We can and we must close foreign military bases and bring our troops home, (we have 800 bases in foreign countries),

5.    We can and we must end all subsidies and

6.   We can and we must terminate most federal government jobs and reduce pay significantly for the fewer workers that remain employed by the federal government. Presently, our federal work force is compensated at a rate that is almost double the private sector. We cannot afford this excessive overhead.


What to expect regarding wages: To compete in the world market our products must sell there, without subsidies. Our wages must reduce. We were able to do this in the 19th Century because our cost of living was much lower.


The reduction in cost of living should enable us to live better with lower wages. There are challenges for those who have recently borrowed large sums for a home or other kind of expense. The plan may help some but probably others may loose their homes.


This correction will be better than the alternative of loosing our country.  The continued deficit spending growth should be taken very seriously. One of the reason Rome fell was from excessive debt.


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