Andrew Jackson Democrat
Candidate for US Senate, California

More Jobs

The benefits of jobs available for anyone and everyone.

  • JOBS:

We need enough jobs so that anyone who applies can find a job; that is intended to all who live here; including citizens, non citizens and felons.

We need jobs that pay our bills with a bit left over so I can save for the future. Usually, when you start a job the pay may fall short of needs; for training, with the hope that the pay will grow.

Wages significantly depend on the ability to sell products and we must be able to compete in the world market.

Today ships generally enter our ports full and leave relatively empty. It is envisioned that ships leaving our ports will be loaded with our products headed for foreign buyers.

The United States UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is about 23% of our workforce. Yes, the president said in the state of the union that the unemployment rate is 4.9%, a very good unemployment rate. What was not said is that that method only counts as unemployed those who are looking for and are ready to work.

Why are so many not looking for work??

That brings up that very inappropriate tool of welfare where the government feeds people who are not working.

Often the government talks about stimulating the economy. There is a big problem when the government feeds people to take away their hunger and their desire to work. We must end that practice by ending federal welfare; people will then be looking for jobs.

Welfare under new management; the Churches and Charities backed up by cities, counties and states will provide better care. We are counting on them to help those that can be helped to join the work force. And will provide care for those who cannot help themselves.

Laws that limit employment are also irresponsible! Joblessness leads to hopelessness, desperation, poverty, crime and possibly to abortion. We must repeal the bad federal laws and; instead, allow the FREE MARKET to produce jobs for those who hope to be employed.

Every person, including the partially handicapped and those who have been legally released from prison, should be able to get and hold a job.

A job is a wonderful part of life and no one should be denied that satisfaction, challenge and opportunity: to have a job. The God given stimulus of hunger and the desire to be a part of something fruitful are the only stimuli that we need to find or create jobs. Having a job brings hope and self confidence and thoughts for a positive future.

Natural law (aka Godís laws) apply in supply and demand; for example: when buying apples or cars or houses, or anything, a person tends to buy the best product that they can afford; yet stay within their budget. This same idea must be applied to wages; we must allow natural law to guide the wage for labor.

Our target wage and efficiency are achieved when our products can be sold almost anywhere in the world and we have close to full employment.

So that everyone can have a job: we must quit paying people for not working, we must:

  • limit unemployment payments to two weeks
  • we must end all federal welfare  and
  • we must repeal the minimum wage.

To make this work, we must reduce the cost of living.

For those who cannot work we must have a safety net. Our federal government has proven itself to be incompetent to finance and manage the safety net. Churches and Charities, with voluntary donations and cities, counties and states can rise up and help meet that need.

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