Herbert G Peters

Seeking Signatures for Ballot Status.

Andrew Jackson Democrat


*     Jackson balanced his budget 7 of his 8 years

*     Paid Federal debt to zero in 1835

*    Terminated the National Bank


What Government Must Do to Restore Prosperity and Liberty:


·      We Need Jobs for Everyone

·      Cost of Living Too High; Reduce It by Reducing Federal Government Spending: 

·      Over 60 Years without a Budget Surplus

·      The government is borrowing and spending over $2.5 billion per day!!! Seven Days a week. Giving impression that all is well financially. It is not well.

·       We must Balance the Budget 

·      Federal Government Spends too much on its employees. See proposed amendment at

·      Too Many Homeless

·      Too Many Tent Cities

·      Real unemployment at 20%


Government report of unemployment at 4.1% is misleading.

Labor Force Participation Rate 62.7%


The former President in state of the union message said; “The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world.” (Applause from Joint session of Congress.)


That President said these words when:


Our Government Costs FAR TOO Much:



I will work to reduce the cost of government.


I will work to Fix our Economy So Anyone Can Find A Job.





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