Andrew Jackson Democrat
Candidate for US Senate,
California; 2016 primary election.

The Unfair Income Tax; Replace with

The Federal Sales Tax



About 45% of the people pay no income tax (and they are eligible to vote); that is representation without taxation. The POWER CENTER has brought this about via "divide and conquer." This is bad for the 55% who go to work and pay income tax; they pay for their share plus more tax for others who choose not to work.


Also, the income tax is too unjust, it is too complicated and the overhead on the part of the payer of the taxes and the government is too high; we must repeal the income tax and adopt a federal sales tax. The sales tax would include all documented purchases, including food, rent and home purchases. Every tax payer should be able to feel the results of their vote.

Taxes are meant to finance the government functions defined in the constitution; and should not be used to finance welfare or any other programs to reward people for not working. Welfare should be managed and financed with free will donations by Churches and Charities. The cities, counties and states can help.


We must change from the income tax to a federal sales tax for all documented sales; then every person would be taxed in proportion to what they spend. When we get the federal sales tax we would end the income tax.


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