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Congratulations to Trump for trying to reduce the cost of defense; specifically Trump commenting on the cost of the F-35.


Our country grew and prospered in the 1800s for a couple of reasons. A most important reason: the federal government did not specify wages! Wages were first federally controlled in 1931 by the Davis Bacon Act; a law that is bad for free trade.


First priority for Trump; repeal The Fair Labor Standards Act, as applicable to government contracts. (Perhaps later, fully repeal that act.) This is a very bad law because it puts the cost of labor out of touch with the world. For our economy to work, we must be cost effective - in the world.


Another cost problem is the cost of federal employment; federal employees today are paid a wage that is almost double the private sector. The federal employee is a service to our people and as servants of the people they should be paid at a rate that is less than the average rate of the people.


Here in the United States; everyone must have a job to make our system better. For everyone to be employed we must be able to sell our products to the world.  Therefore we must allow reduced costs of labor. We call the applicable law, Supply and Demand.


Today, the cost of living is too high because of the excessive cost of government. The excessive costs started in Andrew Jackson’s last year in office; Jackson is to be congratulated for his first 7 years for balancing the budget, paying the federal debt to zero in 1835 and for ridding the country of the national bank.


To restore our country to greatness, I suggest that we study the first 7 Andrew Jackson years – 1829 to 1836. First step, reduce cost of government. Jackson earned 1/16th  the salary of today’s president ($25,000 vs. $400,000). Imagine our government costing a 16th  of today’s cost of government!


Herbert G Peters


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