Constitutional Tax.

       The Income Tax is a vote splitter;

       Some pay little or no income tax; that voter would likely weigh the gain of the new program verses the increase tax and vote accordingly.

       The average tax payer may vote to reduce government. Thus the split.

       The people are in charge and the people have grown the government since 1930 to the point where the acceptable tax level cannot pay the cost of government.

       The federal deficits are in excess of $3 billion per day; we cannot afford our government, it is too big and spends too much.

       Excessive growth of power of the Federal Government can become a danger to the people.

       One concept of our constitution is equal protection.

       When the average voter looks at the bite of the sales tax they would likely vote to temper government spending.


I am in favor of a federal sales tax that taxes all purchases including food and medicine and rent and mortgage. With this kind of a tax collection idea, the likelihood is great that we would usually be voting for a less costly government.


We must also change the culture to raise employment. The BLS claims less than 3.7% in April of 2018 but the real unemployment is 21.5%; this is a significant problem.




Herbert G. Peters

Candidate for US Senator

California, 2018


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